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My wife had a requirement for a source of pure water and she selected this product as what she felt would do the job. I tested the water hardness pre install with a reading of ppm and now post install the water is around ppm and you can certainly tell the difference with how much softer the water is. Excellent value for the price with similar ones costing twice as much. Brilliant and easy to fit! Pour ma part j’ai séparé les robinets extérieurs qui sont alimentés par de l’eau non adoucie.

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I also bought a TDS meter to monitor the dsy.bsp of the RO water compared with my regular water from the tap and was delighted to see a significant reduction in the number of total dissolvable solids in the RO water, once I had filled and daay.bsp the tank a couple of times. This a water filtering system that we bought for our office. I had planned to get a plumber in to look at replacing it, and decided to have a look around for an idea of prices of replacement softeners first. Day.bbsp far we are happy with it, but takes a bit of resetting to get it set right for your particular household situation. De 9 h à 17 h du lundi au vendredi Contactez-nous.

Just what I was looking for. I have just put the 2nd bag of salt in so it has done over 3 months on a 25 Kg bag – well impressed. Installation The water softener was very easy to install and setup. Excellent value for money.

The softener arrived quickly and in good condition. After 6 month use only question was why it took me so long to get it installed.


This a water filtering system that we bought for our office. Bought the reagents to measure water hardness from aquarium shop. I calculated that it would regenerate more than once per day with our current usage; letting through hard water at random times of each day and needing a salt refill every week.

And wow we could notice the difference instantly. Luckily I didn’t need the bit for connecting to a main copper pipe; I’m always a bit dubious about that kind of connector as others have commented. What can you say about these units. Il fonctionne depuis presque deux mois sans problème malgré des coupures électriques. I am very pleased with my purchase. Reliability and a dry floor. After a few weeks of use, so far, so good.

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Minimal plumbing skills required I am an IT Manager, not a plumber. Easy to fit to all the f existing fittings, drain etc. Dommage toutefois que la notice d’utilisation soit incompléte manque le descriptif de l’affichage du compteur.

fy pool day.bsp

At first it used quite a bit of salt, I presume clean out the scale from the water system and sorting itself out. I installed it myself.

fy pool day.bsp

I ma very pleased with the product and the seller for their excellent customer service. Excellent value for the price with similar ones costing twice as much. I really cant say enough good thing about them and having been sent a replacement part that was so lool to fit my water is softer than it has ever been and uses less than half the salt my old one did. When the product arrived to my home in Spain, I found that the packaging was first class, « this parcel would have survived in a war » The product was very simple to fit, and apart from some minor changes to the programing panel worked first time.


I would rate the product 2. Water is lovely and soft and no longer firs up the shower glass and head and it actually cleans off the old furred up glass.

fy pool day

I think the price is very reasonable and would rate it 5 out of 5. But if they did take notice and address all the points above then this machine would be nothing short of perfect Go on, treat your body to a new experience that is overdue, luxuriate in body kind soft water. I can definitely recommend this product. Excellent product and not as expensive as other brands does the job daybsp water is a lot better and I live in a very hard water area I defibatley would recommend.

I couldn’t tell how much better from the tap water by the eyes but i did the test.

fy pool day.bsp

I use less of everything shampoo, washing liquid etc and I no longer put salt in the Dish Washer either, talk about win win! Installé depuis plusieurs mois maintenant, cet adoucisseur rempli parfaitement sa fonction.

Solidly made, flexible and strong at the same time. The call was unsolicited, and having just had a new kitchen fitted where customer service was completely lacking it was refreshing to have such a call. Found this very easy to install and set up, checked my water after a week and found the water output to be soft.