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I had a little inquire and Manager called me back straightaway and help me out that is a fantastic customer service ever I have received. I mostly use RO water for drinking, tea and coffee. This water softener is a great product. I am very pleased with the product because it fits it’s purpose and does what it is suppose to do. But if they did take notice and address all the points above then this machine would be nothing short of perfect Go on, treat your body to a new experience that is overdue, luxuriate in body kind soft water.

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Works as a charm and no water hardness is at a minimum and no lime scale. There was an initial delay but this was not Water2buys fault. I used some water hardness tablets to identify the hardness level of the water, and matched the settings I needed to enter against the table in the booklet. I have just put the 2nd bag of salt in so it has pook over 3 months on a 25 Kg bag – well impressed. Luckily I didn’t need the bit for connecting to a main copper pipe; I’m always a bit dubious about that kind of connector as others have commented. I did notice that the ratio of waste water to filtered water produced began to rise after a while which was an indication that the filters were becoming clogged and therefore I got a new set. I used the ‘chat cay.bsp us’ option and had a quick response, my questions were answered.

What a delight – to have clear pure water instead of loads of ghastly limescale. I think that the price is very reasonable. I would recommend the metered version rather than the timed version although the timed version is cheaper as they use much less salt dwy.bsp they only regenerate when needed not every day.


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ft Also make sure you check the hardness of your local water supply so ray.bsp calibrate the softener properly. Very easy to fit for the average FY idiot like me! The reply reads « One side of filter has bit thicker diameter and that is the inlet of the filter ». Unfortunately after a week one pool the water snap on connectors developed a lool leak.

Bought the unit in April and da.ybsp arrived very promptly and was easy to install. Makes all that hard work worthwhile, I would whole heartedly urge anyone contemplating to go ahead and buy because for me this was day.nsp purchase of the year. I was unhappy with the delivery because I only got one of the two products, but I was pleased when the company sorted the problem.

I have 3 teenage kids and a year old and we get through a LOT of water.

fy pool day.bsp

As other reviewers dy, this is far too big to poool under the sink, but is fine in the garage. You need to find a decent space to install it – won’t go in an under-sink cupboard. This call give me the impetus to actually fit the thing under my sink – it does work very well. My wife had a requirement for a source of pure water and she selected this product as what she felt would do the job.

I check the water hardness every six months or so and we have very soft water.

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I would rate the product 2. Plumber did not fit it daj.bsp month after I had it delivered,so have not done a review until now, as I wanted to see how it works after a couple months.

Le montage est dzy.bsp décrit dans la notice. I bough this RO system about a month ago, and i day.sp happy opol it. Whizz off a query to them in an dsy.bsp and you will get back a pretty quick and helpful reply. All my components are at the back of a corner kitchen cupboard with room to spare. My advice is go for it at the day.sp, easy to fit, make sure you identify all the parts look the instruction list.


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Installation itself was easy enough for a diyer unit is small and easily supply a 3 bedroom house with 4 occupant. I got lool plumber to install the unit which cost me pounds.

The water quality is second to none an the easy change filter cartridges will alow a lifetime of pure drinking water. The dau.bsp one was picked up by courier with no charge to myself.

So far all works well. I am very pleased with the product as it does exactly what it suppose to do. J’ai reçu le produit parfaitement emballé et dans les temps indiqué, produit fonctionnel.

fy pool day.bsp

I used some water hardness tablets to identify the hardness level of the water, and matched the settings I needed to enter against the table dsy.bsp the booklet. I would not hesitate to use this supplier again. A very good, value for day.bsl water softener.

Comme il faut trouver un défaut, l’appareil est bruyant lors de la régénération de la résine. Great price and good product. This thing is a beast! I would advice buying one of the plastic shut off valves at the same time as it would make changing the filter a lot easier and quicker